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CloseOuts Cannot Be Neglected! Get A Virtual CloseOut Assistant Now

  • Automate closeout process and warranty tracking together

  • Keep track of every closeout & warranty item

Always work on the most current set!!

Closeout Pro seamlessly integrates with Procore! All the relevant data for your closeout process gets imported directly from Procore into Closeout Pro.


How We Do It?

Integrate With Procore

Just connect with Procore and automatically bring only the relevant information to closeout pro..

Organize Data For Quick ReferralIntegrate With Procore

Organize the data systematically and access it with ease on all your devices.

Track Your Closeout Items

Never miss any closeout items and track the items effectively with an intuitive BI dashboard..


Generate Your Manual At A Click

Standardize project handover by creating an automatically organized & hyperlinked closeout manual..

Track Your Warranty Items

Track and resolve all the warranty items on a project..

Automate Closeout Process

Automate and standardize your closeout documentation process using closeout pro..

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